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Introducing: Jasper Meester

From 2005 I have been working in (inter)national recruitment. During this period I've seen all aspects of talent acquisition and I've helped organizations to not only improve their quality of hire but also realized significant cost reductions. From all I've experienced over the years this stands out: successful recruitment stands or falls with structure.

A clear strategy and a solid action plan are decisive for the success of a recruitment process. But it doesn't stop there. The strategy is the basis, but without accurate execution just a plan. And that's where I make the difference. How? By listening carefully, asking questions and understanding what's really needed. By translating the underlying theory into practice and by applying my extensive knowledge of recruitment precisely where it has the most impact. All to assure and execute a proficient step by step process. With respect for the people around me and with a keen ear for everyone's interests in the whole picture.

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What do I stand for and how do I work?



With my natural spontaneous behavior and performance, I easily create the vital connection to build the personal connection from there.

Based on integrity, sincerity and transparency.


Customer & result oriented

Every new assignment brings new challenges. Like no other I know how to pick up meaningful messages from conversations and translate them into possible (recruitment) solutions.

By listening and candid attention for my discussion partners I’m able to create a fast understanding of the situation. Next step is a pragmatic action plan to implement fast.



Do we agree on the direction and steps to take? Then I will do everything I can to achieve success.

From transparency and by saying what I do and doing what I say. I am self-starting, independent, flexible and I do not believe something is impossible.


Branche experience

  • Construction, technology and infrastructure
  • Industrie en chemie
  • Business services
  • Overheid (gezondheidszorg, onderwijs, sociaal domein)


    • 360 degree recruitment
    • Sourcing
    • Strategic recruitment
    • Implementing and improving (sub) processes
    • Selection
    • Employer Branding
    • Vacancy marketing 
    • Stakeholder management

    What colleagues say about me

    Natalie Backx

    Direct colleague Talentsourcer (various RPOs)

    Jasper is analytically strong, knows how to quickly build an overview of the situation, and he quickly sees problems. In addition, he is not only able to accurately explain the next steps to the team, but also ensures that the team actively participates in it. He encourages others to think and take action, with respect for someone's personal working method. Collaboration with Jasper is cheerful. He shows respect for the strength of another and that has enabled me to be myself.

    Jasper has proven his added value in analyzing the situation, helping with thinking differently, initiating changes and mentor / managing our team to achieve goals one step at the time.

    Steven Stephania

    Manager Talentsourcer (various RPOs)

    Jasper is very capable of connecting with an open mind to really understand what the client and candidate need to gain insight and to achieve results. In terms of cooperation, I have always enjoyed working with Jasper and in that sense, he has really been a business partner for me. A sounding board and I look back on it with great pleasure.

    Finally, I think he is well able to build the solid foundation - both internally and externally - for everything recruitment needs to be successful.

    Dave Vervoord

    Direct colleague Engie Netherlands

    I have experienced Jasper as someone who is strong in devising the process. What has to happen? How are we going to approach it? He thinks first before he starts to run. Normally you see this the other way around with recruiters. When it comes to collaboration, it can sometimes be chafing, he can be a “pain in the ass”, but precisely because he doesn’t fear the difficult road, we created beautiful things together.

    As described above: because he first wants to set up a clear process, he creates a solid recruitment strategy. There are plenty of recruiters who can fill vacancies, but not many who ultimately leave an efficiently running process.

    Rishma van Yperen – Adjodhia

    Direct colleague LyondellBasell (RPO via Talentsourcer)

    Jasper finishes things with the same high energy he starts. When things get difficult, he remains positive towards his customers, and he keeps his goal in mind. The collaboration with Jasper is cheerful, he is transparent, says what he does and does what he says.

    His added value for a company is mainly process-based with a critical look at how things can be leaner. And above all, he gives open and honest feedback on this.

    Yuri van Helten

    Manager Engie Netherlands

    Jasper has a high adaptive ability. He can adapt to his customer or conversation partner and is therefore well able to connect and get to the point quickly. It is nice to work with Jasper, cheerfulness redefines his appearance, which helps him getting people on board quickly.

    With his experience and diversity of roles, he can participate in all areas of Talent Acquisition.

    Contact me

    Meester Consultancy

    +31 6 282 32 305